Principle of art

Fishing pots art of passive and selective fishing

General principle to capture the pots and traps is to attract or *lead to species subject to fishing to enter a box or *which compartment is impossible to escape.

Principle of capture Fishing trap

Fishing using pots

t is typically based on attracting agencies object in the fishing with bait *(chemical stimulus). To be attracted to the Nasa, the agency subject to the *fishing should enter to NASA to access the bait. This is *can achieve through one or more entries (funnels) to NASA.


Typical forms of a Fishing traps are boxes, cones, cylinders, areas .

the size could vary from small pots for crayfish (conic sections: 0.3 m of *diameter and 0.2 m in height) until large crab pots for their measures are * variables in the long and in the width with large amount of forms and weights.

The openings of the Fishing trap

They usually have the form of funnels or wedges, in order for the Agency to enter to the Nasa * easily but have a low probability of exhaust.

The Fishing trap can be constructed of various materials such as wood frames, iron with networks,metal mesh or plastic material.

The pots

normally calan in the fund, either individually, with a buoy with line *up to the surface or in groups of several pots connected to a main line *at certain intervals.

Nasa is usually left "soak" *all night, but some fisheries could use times longer. The *cycle of operation is similar to that of the longline fisheries, where it is placed *the bait, was long Fishing pot, fisheries and Cobra. The bait is *suspended freely within the Fishing trap or is placed in containers *special drilled to prevent it from being consumed by scavengers. As *that for the longline fisheries, several pelagic species such as sardines, *herring and mackerel are the most commonly used as bait in the Fishing pots, *but you can use almost any type of fish and mussels, etc.

species subject to fishing

The Fishing pots *are used mainly to capture different crustaceans such as crabs, *lobsters and shrimp. The Fishing trap can also be used to capture *various species of fish such as cod flake black, tusk and cod *in temperate waters and coral reef fishes as mere in tropical waters. Other *species caught using pots are buscones and octopus.

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