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What are we talking about?

An art of fishing called pots; a form of selective fishing and passive

What is the function of this type of fishing?

Its role consists in the fisheries of seafood and cephalopods alive through the use of cages or special fishing traps calls pots

What are the fishing traps?

The pots are some cages or fishing traps that allows the entry of the animal in question in its passenger compartment and that subsequently, prevents you from leaving the same through an entry in the shape of a funnel that makes it very difficult to the output of the animal to the sea.

How do you use the pots?

In each embarcaci˛n is usually carry 350 pots approx, ranging nations in groups of 75 pots, forming the so-called "Caceas". In the Caceas, pots van nations by a rope mother and separated between if on some four or five fathoms(according to depth) The bait to use is usually: sardine, mackerel and horse mackerel. The bait gets into a bag of plÓstica network, this bag gets inside each fishing traps eventually is launched into the sea with a bolla at the beginning and end of each Troll is left the troll a day or two when lifting the troll he collects catches and changes the bait and so forth with all the caceas

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